The Miracles Universe publishes superhero short stories, novels and multi-book series in the Fantasy, SciFi, and Horror genres.

We are life long fans of Superhero stories in comics, graphic novels, animation, and movies. We also love books, especially the greats in Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror.

How could we not create an ultimate team-up of our two favourite things to make superpowered novels?

The Miracles Universe

The Miracles Universe is a brand new, all original Superhero Universe written by new and established writers from many different backgrounds.

We don’t want to squeeze all that talent into a rigid box. Here in the Miracles Universe, we play to our writers’ strengths to give readers a wide variety of stories.

The Origin Series

Everything has to start somewhere. The Miracles Universe begins in the world we live today until major story events take us to places we only read in books or comics or watched on movies or TV shows.

Superhero novels offer so many possibilities, and the Miracles Universe serves up great stories of heroes and villains in the Fantasy, SciFi, and Horror genres.

Superhero Fantasy

Gods, myths, legends and magic return to the world bringing new Fantasy-based adventures to the Miracles Universe.

Superhero Science Fiction

A rise of genius inventors, mad scientists, and secret alien invasions bring a fresh wave of superpowered heroes and villains fighting for what they believe.

Superhero Horror

Things do go bump in the night, and the monsters hiding in the shadows are coming to get you. The only thing stopping these horrors are the darkest of heroes.

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The Miracles Universe

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